How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy?


Transmission control module Chevy is a vital part of your car that can easily damage or go out. It’s important to know how you should take care of this component to make it last as long as possible, but we’ll get into the details later!

For now, let’s join in this article to discover how to reset transmission control module chevy.

How Will You Know If Your Transmission Control Module Is Bad?

In the following paragraphs, we’ll go through the symptoms that might help you detect a bad transmission module.

  1. You’ll notice that gear changing is jerky or that the vehicle is stuck in a single gear. While changing, it will appear to be quite difficult.
  2. The car should cost you money due to its excessive fuel consumption. That implies you’ll earn fewer miles than if you were on the normal plan.
  3. It will have difficulty downshifting when you slow down the car. You’ll hear a horrible noise emitting from the machine here.
  4. The engine should roar when you hit the accelerator. Furthermore, this will occur at a faster pace with each shift.
  5. You’ll recognize that the automobile isn’t keeping up with the proper gear level speed. This will move at a somewhat slower pace than the average.
  6. The vehicle’s gear will move to a different level without warning. Furthermore, you may notice that the machinery automatically switches to neutral when driving.
  7. As you increase or decrease the speed level, you will notice that the system is sliding or losing its grip.
  8. The gearbox will rapidly get overheated. Whether you haven’t traveled very far, it will quickly happen here.

Steps By Steps On How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy

1. Switching Key Position

First, you need to turn on your car’s key and put it in two positions. 

Then test the lights in order of what they should be: dashboard first, then radio/mute next; if any are out or not visible, then go back until everything is good enough. Make sure there are no issues before proceeding!

You need to follow these instructions carefully and not make anything hastily because it could risk damaging the module even further! 

The techniques will be followed by the transmission control module reprogram. Here you must pay attention and be ready for when it’s time and have them focused on what sounds like not to miss anything important!

2. Step On The Gas Pedal

It’s now time for us to move on to the next phase. There are some important areas you will want to be in this phase, like the accelerator and key position! The lights have been set up with everything ready for use (keys included).

First, lift on the left pedal and press lightly to get your car started. Make sure not too hard- this will engage the kick-down button that turns it all off!

Now you must depress the pedal from the accelerator for a specific switch to turn on. The force would not be released from this object and will stay with it until the closing time comes around again or if something goes wrong while driving.

3. Continue Waiting For The Final Result

When you want to learn how a transmission control module Chevy works, then patience is key. 

It may take about ten minutes for this process, and your vehicle will not be up-and-running right away after doing so, because there are still steps that must occur before electricity can flow through again.

We want to remind you once more that it’s critical not to allow the accelerator pressure to get far from your tires. You need patience in this process and start working gradually on resetting the transmission control module with time!

4. Switching Off The Key

At this point, we’ll speak about what happens when you press on your accelerator for too long without taking a break.

You have been using up all the energy from one pedal to make it go as fast and far; now that’s going away, so there are only two options: stop pedaling or keep pushing with no brakes at all!

We should point out that you must complete this step by pushing down on the gas pedal. Can’t recall what we said? It’s time for a quick refresher! 

Now, do as I say and put your feet back in those respective pedals, so they’re positioned just like before, but don’t forget about key 2.

Like the initial point, the key would be configured to switch off. You must now use your hand to manually determine which way is zero and then take it out of the ignition when finished setting all desired amounts for turns or pauses, etcetera!

The key is stuck in the ignition. You cannot remove it, so don’t bother trying!

Pressure needs to be applied at just the right time and with enough force for this task to work- otherwise, your best option may be taking off a door or window (depending on the model).

5. Let Go Off The Accelerator Pedal

You can let off the accelerator pressure after the key has returned to zero. We have known some irresponsible individuals in the past. They frequently let off the accelerator’s pressure before lowering the key to zero.

6. Everything Is Ready To Work

It would help to let your car idle for a little time after completing the earlier steps. This will make it much easier to complete this process and get back on track with getting your transmission working properly again!

Now what is left is that you drive slowly at first and then faster as we reset these two units together so that they can communicate better.


Now that you know how to reset transmission control module, you’ll never be bored with the same gearbox again! The solution suggested by our specialists is really simple. All you have to do now is remember the cautions and go your hardest.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Thank you for reading this article, and we will see you soon!

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