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We handcraft bespoke carbon fiber exteriors, interiors, components, monocoques and wheels for the world's most exciting and exclusive automotive machines.



The Saville Row experience for your supercar or exotic

As a bespoke shop, we are able to fabricate carbon fiber exteriors, interiors, components and monocoques for any make and model. We provide our clients the opportunity to be as engaged in the planning and creative process as they see fit and furnish them with all the visual aids they require to make an informed decision including physical samples and photorealistic 3D renderings.

We offer our clients the opportunity to conform or diverge from the OEM forms in whatever way suits their functional and aesthetic mandate, and, in true Saville Row fashion, we offer a selection of weaves, colors and finishes to suit their tastes.



What does increased structural rigidity, a reduction in vehicle weight and a lower center of gravity mean for your supercar or exotic? Better handling, faster acceleration and—at least in our opinion—a sexier racing machine.

Components made from carbon fiber are, on average, 30% lighter than their aluminum counterparts and 40% lighter than those fabricated from steel. Carbon fiber also has a tensile strength that is several fold higher than both metals. But what does all that mean for your supercar or exotic? It means that when we drape the exterior in carbon fiber, or replace interior or engine bay components with our carbon fiber versions, your automotive machine has a reduced weight, a lowered center of gravity and increased structural rigidity. This translates into a vehicle that can now accelerate faster, handle better and, when left in a bare finish, can turn heads dangerously faster.


One-piece, full carbon fiber wheels, the ultimate reduction in unsprung weight.

Ask any automotive professional where weight reduction is most critical and he or she will immediately point you to unsprung weight. Unsprung weight is weight that is not supported by the suspensive of the vehicle. This generally includes all parts outboard from suspension springs (wheels and tires, brake assemblies, etc.).

Vitesse AuDessus's one-piece, full carbon fiber wheels offer a dramatic reduction in unsprung weight. Weighing as little as 13.2lbs (6Kg) each for a 20" diameter wheel, the markedly reduced unsprung weight nets exponential improvements in performance and handling dynamics as it lowers both translational and rotational inertia, meaning less work performed upon acceleration and deceleration and keeping the tires in contact with the road.

Benefits include increased acceleration, reduced stopping distance, improved steering and handling, improved grip, reduced road noise and vibrations and improved fuel economy.

Aside from our bespoke offering, Vitesse AuDessus also produces a wide range of OEM-spec, one-piece, full carbon fiber wheels for all current Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Range Rover models.

We guarantee our craftsmanship for 5 years against defect or failure.



Vitesse AuDessus is dedicated to using the best materials and fabrication methods available to produce products that meet and often exceed OEM standards.

Our fabrication process and methodologies are the same as those used by Formula 1 race teams and respected Sweden-based supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg. Each piece starts with carbon fiber fabric that has been pre-impregnated with resin so as to ensure the ideal ratio of fabric to resin for maxiumum cured properties. The prepreg fabric is laid and weave-matched by hand within CNC-milled aluminum moulds and then cured in a high temperature autoclave. Out of the autoclave, the piece undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure they are devoid of any flaw or imperfection. Passing inspection, the piece is then meticulously finished by hand and given one final inspection before delivery to the client.

Although many top-of-range marques have introduced carbon fiber as part of their in-house bespoke offering, carbon fiber fabrication is exclusively our craft. As a low volume, boutique atelier, Vitesse AuDessus has the additional advantage of being free of any shared tooling concerns or reproducibility requirements. We have the ability to produce complex pieces that involve intricate layering and hours of hand labor and our obsession for perfection drives us to produce the number of examples we see fit until we are satisfied with the final result. Carbon fiber is our craft, our passion and our obsession. Therefore, it comes as no great surprise that our products meet and often exceed OEM standards.



Vitesse AuDessus's engineering division brings together bleeding edge technologies and over 100 years of combined experience in composites engineering in fields ranging from automotive to aerospace.

Our engineering team have at their disposal a battery of bleeding edge manufacturing technologies including 3D scanning, 3D printing, sintering and 5-axis CNC milling. Vitesse AuDessus is able to leverage these technologies to rapidly accelerate the product development cycle and to produce pieces that might otherwise seem impossibly complex.

With our dedication to pushing the envelope of Form + Function, our team is often presented with difficult engineering requirements. To address these challenges, our engineers employ both physical and non-physical testing. When physical prototypes offer insufficient data, modeling and vizualization software is used which can assess the impact of standard and complex loads and accurately predict complex real-world behavior.

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